Christmas Balls Made of Foil

Turn your old, scratched CDs and DVDs into one-of-a-kind “Christmas balls” with aluminum foil and felt-tip pens. This quick and easy Christmas DIY is a great way for kids to give old CDs a second life and give a little sparkle to your Christmas tree. note: If you don’t have an old CD or DVD, just cut your circles out of cardboard!

When it comes to needlework here in my kindergarten, we like to use the usual supplies and materials that we already have at home. Before throwing almost everything in the trash, I first ask myself if we can somehow use it on the needlework table.

Today’s project is a combination of Christmas crafts and a Christmas art event. We cover old, scratched CDs with foil to make them look like shiny round Christmas balls, and decorate them with Sharpie markers.

No need for glue!

Aluminum foil is great for making crafts because it often eliminates the need for glue. Kids can just twist the ends together to secure it in place. This gives the craft a little sensuality, because they like how the foil feels to the touch and sounds when they crumple it.

A brilliant and iridescent artistic experience

If your kids have never drawn on foil with Sharpie markers, you should try. Felt-tip pens slide on foil the way they don’t slide on paper, and felt-tip ink acquires wonderful iridescent properties when you use foil as a canvas.

Take a look at our Sharpie Stained Glass Christmas trees and our shimmering Foil and Sharpie Christmas Tree decorations to see what I mean.


old CDs and DVDs
aluminum foil
Markers (one black and a mix of colors)
black acrylic paint for needlework
thin cord or metal thread for hanging
transparent tape for attaching hanging thread


Required time: 30 minutes

Shimmering Christmas balls made of foil and felt-tip pens

Wrap your CD in foil

Tear off a piece of aluminum foil about twice as wide as your CD. If you cut this piece in half, you can wrap 2 CDs with it.

Spread the foil on a flat surface and put your CD on it.
Wrap the excess foil around the CD and bring the edges together to lock it in place.
Preliminary design

Smooth the front side of the CD to eliminate all creases

Using an eyeliner brush and black acrylic needlework paint, draw lines to divide your ornament into parts, and then color the details of your design. Let it dry.
Fill with color

Use your markers to color the decoration. For extra shimmer and interest, leave some areas unpainted so that the shiny foil is visible.
Add a hanger

These ornaments are light enough, so you don’t need to glue the dangling thread into place. Just glue a small piece of metal thread to the back of your jewelry to hang it on the Christmas tree.

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