Diy Valentine Box with Panda

Looking for a unique unicorn Valentine box?

If you love pandas, unicorns or pandicorns (or are they pandacorns?), you will love my panda unicorn valentine from pandicorn.

I want to help you succeed with your unicorn valentine box with my own hands, so I also created a free printable template that will help make creating your unicorn valentine box very simple.

Do you like unicorns?

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How to Make a Valentine’s Box with a Unicorn Panda from Pandacorn


A box in the shape of a cube
White wrapping paper
Translucent Ribbon


3 sheets of white cardboard
1 sheet of black cardboard
Glue point roller or glue stick
Glue (any glue for needlework or hot glue)
Additionally: Markers, colored pencils, paints, etc. for decorating wings and horns

Valentine’s Box with Panda and Unicorn Step 1:

Find a box that you would like to use to make your unicorn valentine card. I think a square/cubic box looks best.

Cut a hole in the top of the box so that it serves as a slot for cards.

Wrap the box in plain white wrapping paper.

Use scissors to cut a hole in the wrapping paper where the memory card slot is located.

Fold the valves inside the hole and secure with tape.

Valentine’s Box with Panda and Unicorn Step 2:


Print pages 1-3 on white cardboard and page 4 on black cardboard.

Printing with black ink on black cardboard seems unintuitive, but you can really see it!

A FUN ALTERNATIVE: Instead of printing pages 1-3 on the white cardboard that you are decorating, try printing on a cardboard with a pattern instead. I think this project would look good with watercolor-style paper.

Valentine’s Box with Panda and Unicorn Step 3:

Decorate the unicorn horn, wings and panda eye patches as desired.

For my pandicorn sample, I applied a transparent layer of Colorshift paint in aqua flash and a layer of sapphire shiny paint on the wings.

For the horn, I used transparent gold paint from the Martha Stewart acrylic line and gold shiny paint.

You can color your drawings with watercolors, felt-tip pens, colored pencils and many others – this is the limit of possibilities!

Valentine’s Box with Panda and Unicorn Step 4:

Once all the paints or decorations you’ve added to your pages are dry, cut out the pieces. The parts are designed to be cut from the inside of the black line to give them a more professional look.

Valentine’s Box with Panda and Unicorn Step 5:

Bend the ears along the printed fold line. Bend the tongue part of the wings back as well.

Using a glue roller or glue stick, glue the parts together or to the box, using a photo of the finished project as a guide.

Valentine’s Box with Panda and Unicorn Step 6:

Roll the cut piece of horn into a cone, repeating the lines of curls. Glue or tape the horn and glue it to the top of the box.

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