Ornament Made of Multicolored Yarn

These original yarn and twig ornaments are a great last-minute Christmas craft. Use several skeins of yarn or one ball of variegated yarn to make your initials (or full name) out of cheerful multicolored letters.

Necessary accessories: twigs, garden shears, yarn and glue gun.

Here, in my kindergarten, we make a lot of original crafts and decorations, because children like to turn the first letter of their name into something creative and special.

We also make tons of DIY twigs because there are so many branches (and for free!) here, in our yard.

More recently, we made Christmas trees out of twigs and decorations in the form of stars, but the inspiration for these ornaments wrapped in yarn was actually our craft “Worry Doll”.

In this craft, the children used multicolored embroidery thread to wrap the tiny twigs, and it seemed to me that they looked so cheerful and eclectic that I decided to make Christmas decorations in the same way.

Use Several Balls/Colors Or One Ball Of Variegated Yarn

At first I thought that we would need to use several spools of thread for embroidery or several skeins of yarn to get the colored blocks that make up our worry dolls, but I found that one ball of variegated (multicolored) yarn would do the same job with much less effort.

You see, when you carefully wind a ball of multicolored yarn on your twig, colored blocks naturally form right in front of your eyes.

The letter “A” in the photo above was wrapped using several skeins of yarn. Each of the other letters was wrapped in a single ball of variegated (multicolored) yarn.

Expand your field of activity

What I like about this project is that you can divide it into several activities that cover the whole day:

Start with a morning walk in nature to collect your twigs.
after in the morning, children can spend time sorting and laying out sticks to determine which ones will make the best letters. Then an mature can trim them to the desired size.
After lunch, children can wrap their twigs and glue their initials.

Skill development

This activity provides children with the opportunity to strengthen and develop various skills, such as:

letter recognition

critical thinking (formation of initials from twigs)
fine motor skills, coordination of eye and hand movements (wrapping and winding)
skills of working with a glue gun

Instructions for the initial decoration of yarn and twigs


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clean, dry branches
sharp garden scissors
Yarn /variegated yarn (embroidery floss is also suitable)
white glue
glue gun
a thin cord or metal thread for hanging (or some of your yarn)

How to make an original decoration from twigs and yarn

Collect twigs

Gather a few dry, strong twigs about the size of a pencil.
Spread out and slice

Arrange the twigs in the shape of your initial to get an idea of which ones need to be pruned.
Using garden shears (matures only), cut them to the length necessary to form the letter.
Wrap the twigs with yarn

Start wrapping your twig by laying about an inch of yarn along the entire length of the twig, and then wrapping it to secure the loose end.

IF THE YARN IS VARIEGATED: wrap it carefully and tightly to the end of the twig.
Cut your yarn and secure the yarn tail with a drop of glue.

WHEN USING MULTIPLE SKEINS OF YARN: Start winding as above. To switch to the next color, when wrapping, secure the free ends of both colors under the new color. Finish by cutting the yarn and securing it in place with a small amount of glue.

Glue the twigs together

On a flat surface, spread out the twigs wrapped in yarn so that your original shape is obtained, and glue together with a hot glue gun.
Add a dangling thread

Take a 6-inch piece of dangling thread and tie it tightly around the top of one of your twigs.
Note: Letters such as M, N, W, etc. will hang straight if you tie a thread to two twigs.

Hang your first decorations on the Christmas tree and enjoy!

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