Smart Idea of Diy from Recycled Materials

This clever idea for crafts made from recycled materials allows you to turn empty lids from cans into charming markers for plants.

Use them as garden markers to help you remember what and where you planted.

You can also paste other labels on the lids to turn them into a combination of a vegetable marker and a gift tag. Tell the teacher: “You are the best!” or to mom: “Happy Mother’s Day.”

Giving a plant to someone who has a slightly tanned finger? Maybe try a cheeky “Water me!” along with a second tag telling them about the type of plant.

I will tell you step by step how to make these adorable plant markers. Once you see how easy these garden markers are to make, you’ll want to use this technique every time you need to stick a label on a plant or make a gift tag!

How to make markers for plants from the lids of tin cans
– smart DIY from recycled materials for your garden


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Lids from cans**

FOLKART exterior paint OR for multiple surfaces
Paint Brush
Paper or plastic plate
Gorgeous Little Typewriter Stamps
Stamped, perfectly transparent block for stamping: Medium rectangle 4×3
Drill bit and drill bit
12 gauge silver jewelry wire

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I use a Pampered Chef Smooth Edge can opener, which peels off the jar, not cuts it – so no sharp edges! I can’t recommend this can opener enough, especially when using crafting cans with kids.

Video demonstration of recycled craft:

How to make Garden markers

This is the original video that appeared live along with this blog post when it was first published in 2015. You may notice that the style of the stamps used in the video demo is slightly different from the stamps used to create the project on the updated images. The technique is still the same.

How to make a garden marker step 1: If desired, paint over the lid of the paint jar

You can choose whether you want to color the background of the marker for plants, as I did in the demo photos, or if you want the words to be applied directly to the metal. If you want to paint the lid of the jar, apply one or two coats of FolkArt Outdoor Paint or FolkArt Multi-Surface Paint on the lid of the jar and let it dry completely.

How to Make a Garden marker Step 2: Set Your Stamp

Select your letters from the stamp sheet and place them on your stamp block. Squeeze a small amount of paint onto a plate and smooth it with a brush. Lightly tap the stamp in the paint, and then press it against the lid of the jar. Allow to dry completely

How to Make a Garden marker Step 3: Drill a hole

Use a Dremel micro tool or drill to drill a hole in the top of the hanging lid.

How to Make a Garden Marker Step 4: Make a wire hanger
Cut approximately 12-18 inches of 12 gauge jewelry wire. Bend the top into the shape of a hook. Use pliers to bend the end up. Wind the lid on the wire before bending it to the end. If desired, bend the end of the wire under yourself.

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