Tutorial on Lace Mask for Dissenters

Like many others, I was shocked and deeply saddened by the loss of the infamous RBG Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg two days ago, on September 18, 2020.

Ironically, the idea of creating this homemade face mask came to me last week – a whole week before her passed away. There were black reusable face masks in my Amazon shopping cart, and then earlier this week I decided that I already had masks and probably should spend my time on something else.

But in light of the recent loss of dear Judge Bader Ginsburg and all that it means to America, it suddenly seemed really important.

I want to wear this mask in memory of her, as a reminder of everything related to the upcoming elections and the Senate’s decision to appoint a new judge now or after the elections.
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The DIY Lace Face Mask Tutorial
is a project inspired by the feminist Dissent collar in honor of the after Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Accessories for masks for dissenters:

Black Face Mask
(buy it ready-made or make your own with this guide)
White Lace
my lace was bought from Joanne, this similar lace would also fit.
Sewing Needle
White Thread
Matches or a lighter (a lighter with a long handle is ideal).

Wear check

Instructions for covering the face with a Do-it-yourself stand-up collar:

RBG-style face Mask Step 1:

Before you start making a face mask, be sure to wash it quickly and put it in the washing machine to dry.

This will remove any dirt or chemicals that may have got into the fabric during the production process, and ensures that your mask will not shrink and will not change size after attaching the lace.

RBG Style Face Mask Step 2:

Pull the string along the top edge of the mask to see how much you will need. Add a little more (I added two repetitions of the pattern) and cut out.

RBG Style Face Mask Step 3:

Prepare the needle and thread for work. Cut a thread as long as your arm and thread it into the eye of the needle.

Connect the two ends of the thread together and tie a knot. This will allow you to work with a doubled thread for a secure attachment.

RBG Style Face Mask Step 4:

Start sewing the lace to the mask from the center outwards.

To do this, find the center of the lace and align it with the central seam of the mask (if your mask has one).

Pierce the needle from the back of the mask through the lace. Stretch the thread until it stops at the knot.

Continue to embroider according to the “whip stitch” scheme (don’t know what it means? See the video explanation of the braided stitch here).

If the lace you are using is flat on top, continue stitching along the top edge and go to step 6!

RBG Style Face Mask Step 5:

If your lace is flat on top, all you have to do is keep stitching it down the top edge.

If your lace has a scalloped top, like mine, you will need to bend the wavy edge back and sew it as you sew.

To do this, sew to the base of the scallop.

Once you get to the wavy part, bend the top of the wave back (to the inside of the mask).

Use a needle to hook the fabric on the inside of the mask and on top of the wave and secure them.

Then go back to the top edge and continue sewing the edge of the lace to the mask until you reach the next peak.

RBG Style Face Mask Step 6:

Continue the stitches in the same way as before until you reach the corner of the mask.
Trim the edges with scissors, leaving a small margin.

To make sure your lace doesn’t come loose, you need to do something to secure the edge. If you want to be responsible and avoid a fire, use a wear check.

Don’t you have a receipt for wear and tear? Don’t want to buy a Fray receipt? Do you want to do something fun while freeing me from responsibility?

Seriously, if you try this, everything that happens next will depend on you. I already told you to use a wear check. If you have something on fire, “but this blogger told me to do it!” is an unconvincing excuse.

However, if your lace is made of polyester or other synthetics, you can fasten the edges with heat treatment.

To do this, I use a long-handled lighter to warm up the fibers to help them melt and seal. Do not keep the fibers in the flame! You just need to bring the flame closer to the edge of the lace (see the video below).

If you have ever had to seal the end of a synthetic fiber rope, you may be familiar with this technique.

Are you uncomfortable using fire? Don’t want to risk it? Use an abrasion test.

Watch me do it here. See how I’m approaching the lace, but I’m not actually holding it in the flame?

As soon as the edge is sealed, regardless of whether it is checked by fire or abrasion, sew it, making sure to leave open all the filter pockets that may be in the mask.

To do this, make sure that you are stitching only the top layer and not both layers of the mask.

As soon as you finish stitching the sides, tie the knot close to the fabric and cut off the tail with scissors.

RBG Style Face Mask Step 7:

Congratulations! You’ve made half a mask!

To finish, repeat steps 3-6 on the other side of the mask.

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