With a Pompom Tiny Decoration in the Form of a Snowman

These tiny snowman ornaments with pom-poms are very cute and fun to make with little white pom-poms, a button and a piece of yarn. These are perfect little ornaments to decorate a miniature Christmas tree, or make a whole bouquet to present it as a gift decoration or hang on your big Christmas tree.

These tiny snowmen with pompoms are so simple, but so cute. They were inspired by a tiny felted decoration in the form of a snowman that a friend brought me from Scotland a few years ago (see the photo below).

I always thought it would be fun to repeat this decoration (minus the tiny muzzle and buttons), using pom-poms for the body of a snowman and a button for a hat.

Felted snowman from Fayre Earth gift shop, Falkand, Scotland

The other day I tried and made two tiny decorations in the form of snowmen with pompoms. The results were awesome, and it took only a few minutes to prepare them.

Note about buttons:

If you use a shank button for your snowman’s hat, it will have a protrusion with a hole on the back of the button. This makes it very easy to thread a piece of jewelry and hang it when you’re done making it.

If you use a flat button with holes in the button itself, be sure to thread a hanging thread into the button before gluing it to the pompom.

These snowmen are really fast and easy to make for older children (or matures). It takes less than 10 minutes to make a snowman, but because of their size, they require well-developed fine motor skills.

Are you ready to make adorable tiny snowmen with pompoms? Let’s do it!

Instructions for snowmen with pompoms:


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2 small white pompoms (mine were 1/2 inch diameter)
black buttons
3 inch piece of yarn
glue gun
thread for hanging

Required time: 10 minutes

How to make our tiny decoration in the form of a snowman with a pompom

Glue the pom-poms together

Using a hot glue gun, glue two small white pompoms together.
Add a button-down hat

Glue the black button to the top of one of the pom-poms.

Note: If you are using a flat button, be sure to thread the button before gluing it to the snowman’s head.
Add a yarn scarf

Tie two pom-poms from the yarn “scarf” and fasten them with a knot. Cut off the extra length.
Add a dangling thread

Thread the button with a piece of thin cord or metal thread and tie the ends with a knot to secure them.

And that’s all it takes! Aren’t they just adorable?

I hope you enjoyed this simple little snowman DIY. Please pass this on to others who could do it too.

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