Woven Snowflake Adornments on Embroidery Sticks

Kids love textures, and kids love trinkets, and these woven snowflake decorations on sticks give them a little bit of both. Grab yarn and DIY decorations and hastily assemble a bouquet for your Christmas tree!

Another craft made of snowflakes! Have you seen the colorful snowflakes from napkins that we made the other day? Check them out. They’re great!

Here, in my blog, you will find so many snowflake crafts. We’ve made a lot of them over the years.

And here is another dish that your children can cook! These braided snowflakes are easy to make. You will just need needlework sticks or wooden coffee stirrers and yarn. Then the children can decorate them with some shiny gems. This is a great craft with fine motor skills for children. Winding yarn on and off the needlework sticks also requires concentration and coordination and helps prepare them for more complex projects such as weaving or knitting.

We liked all the textures we used to make these snowflakes. The variety of unusual yarn really gives interest to these snowflakes.

And then there are the trinkets… oh, how we love our trinkets! And draw.


When the trinkets and paint appear, you will know that it will be a good needlework lesson.

Let the fun begin!

To make our wicker crafts from snowflake sticks, you will need:

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needlework sticks or stirring sticks (we used long ones like these)
glue gun
yarn (fluffy yarn or eyelash yarn, if you have one)
create gems

We make our decorations from snowflakes:

First I asked the hooligans how many sides a snowflake has. Someone said “5” and someone said “6”.

We Googled our question to find out who was right, and the answer was 6. Snowflakes always have six sides, or “sleeves”.

So, the hooligans counted out three DIY sticks for each snowflake they wanted to make. Of course, three sticks, because when you cross these sticks crosswise, you will get 6 handles for decoration.

Then the hooligans painted their needlework sticks in shimmering sapphire and white shades.

Ohhh. How winter-like it is here!

With the help of a glue gun, we glued the sticks together.

Then the children chose their yarn.

Yarn is always interesting to work with because of its colors and textures, but our yarn today was special. We had soft, fluffy chenille yarn and fluttering eyelash yarn with silver threads.

The hooligans liked the fluffy white yarn the most. Shiny sapphire yarn for eyelashes appeared almost immediately.

Each child cut off a long, long piece of yarn and tied it to the center of his snowflake.

And then they started weaving.

If your children have done the “Eye of God” craft before, they will find this process very similar.

Around, and around, and around…

You can weave yarn from the top and bottom, wrapping around a snowflake, or you can wind it completely around each stick before moving on to the next. (see the photo below)

Leave a few gaps between each circle to give lightness and tenderness.

When the weaving was completed, we tied our yarn and turned to the jewel box.

These are just jewelry and sequins from a dollar store, but they make any craft special.

So brilliant!

We added precious stones to some jewelry, and sequins to others.

And we added a little bit of both to the other snowflakes, but I don’t have any photos of them, because my camera ran out of battery, and the hooligans took their snowflakes home before it was charged again.

That’s life.

It’s all right. In fact, you don’t have to see them. I know you will be creative and make a magnificent bouquet of fluffy, shimmering, woven from sticks of snowflakes with your own hands.

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