Wreath of Daisies with Real Flowers

One of my favorite spring-summer activities as a child was making flower crowns from wildflowers, dandelions and “weeds” of daisies, which germinate around March or April and continue to bloom throughout the summer.

These simple daisy wreaths made of real flowers are easy to make, and if you know how to braid pigtails, then you can do the same!

Once you master this technique of weaving real flowers, you can also use it to make flower bracelets.

This technique is convenient to teach children, because you do not need any special materials to make a real flower crown – it is made simply from flowers!

You can use the same technique to make real flower crowns from all kinds of flowers.

I like the little wild daisies that grow in the fields the most, but you can also use larger daisies, dandelions or any flower on a soft stem or greenery. Almost any flowers with a flexible stem can be made into a braided crown or a daisy chain bracelet.!

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How to make a flower crown from a daisy chain with real flowers

Accessories for a flower crown made of chamomile chain:

Wildflowers – daisies, dandelions or any other flower arrangements on soft stems

(choose them with as long stems as possible)

Scissors if desired (I often just cut off the stems with my hands if they are thin enough)

How to make a flower crown from a braided chain of daisies Instructions:

Daisy Chain Step 1: Collect flowers

Choose an assortment of flowers with soft flexible stems.

My favorite flowers to use are daisies that grow among the grass in the fields.

Dandelions, clover, or any (non-endangered) wildflower with soft stems and a flexible stem will do.

Cut the stems as long as possible.

Daisy Chain Step 2: Braid the braid

Choose three flowers with longer stems and cross their stems over each other, as shown in the picture.

Weave the stems together by taking the stem from the outside right and placing it between the other two. Then take the stem from the outside on the left and put it on top of the other two.

This is the same as a standard three-strand braid.

If you don’t know how to braid a braid yet, this is a very useful YouTube video showing how to braid a braid of 3 strands.

Continue in the same vein for about an inch (or the width of the flower head), add the flower, laying it so that the stem lies on top of the central stem.

Continue weaving, holding the new flower stem together with the central stem.

Continue braiding until you reach about the width of the flower head.

Then add another flower as you did above. Continue in the same spirit until the chain reaches the desired size.

Here’s what the back of your flower crown will look like:

If you use small daisies like those that grow in fields, it might look something like this:

Daisy Chain Step 3: Completion

As soon as your chain reaches the desired length, braid the remaining ends into a braid, and then tuck them closer to the beginning to get a crown (or a bracelet! or a necklace!).

If it is difficult for you to fasten the end, if desired, you can tie it with a piece of thread. (I’m usually pretty lucky when I just shove it back in!)

This will allow you to work with the daisy chain until it is the perfect length for everything you do.

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